I feel a little silly admitting that I love smoothies.  Maybe because in my mind, which has been known to over-compartmentalize on occasion, smoothies are akin to those gigante chocolattes and other achingly sweet, frosty beverages sipped through 18-inch straws whilst texting/chatting and/or walking/driving.

But really, there’s more to smoothies than you can find in a 32-0z. plastic cup.  When you make them at home you can raise the bar a little and whip up something wholesome enough to serve for breakfast (set a glassful– with a bendy straw — in front of your yogurt-guzzling 2 year old and see her eyes go saucer-wide).  Try strawberry (my favorite), blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, mango, pineapple, kiwi, cherry, banana, or any combination thereof (you can freeze fresh fruit — especially extra bananas or any leftovers from picking expeditions — or just buy it frozen from the store).  You may use lowfat or nonfat yogurt instead of whole, but you’ll probably need to increase the honey (the lower the fat content, the more sour the yogurt).  I like thick, creamy, Greek- and French-style yogurts, but the regular kind works just as well.

For a decent frozen yogurt without need of an ice cream maker, freeze your leftovers.  Let stand at room temperature for 10-20 minutes (or transfer to the fridge for a few hours) until soft enough to scoop, then serve.

Fruit and yogurt smoothies

Yield:  Makes 1 quart, serving 4

16 oz. frozen fruit

16 oz. whole milk, plain yogurt

2 tbsp. honey, or more to taste

Whiz fruit in a food processor until finely chopped.  Add yogurt and honey.  Process until smooth.  Or combine everything in a blender and puree.