The vegetable garden is growing and growing!  Where the radishes had been, I planted four English pea and four sugar snap pea plants.  They’re climbing and flowering, and the kids have counted about half a dozen tiny pods so far:

The leaf lettuce I planted from seed (“Salad Bowl”) in two, two-foot-long rows, is yielding a salad or two every day.  Leaf lettuces, like indeterminate tomatoes, produce continuously; pluck off the largest, outer leaves and the inner ones keep growing.  June has been unusually cool so far, so I’m hoping to stretch the lettuce crop for another few weeks.

The onion stalks — I planted yellow and red sets — are about two feet tall.  It’s hard to tell how big the bulbs are, but I might try pulling one up this week to see how they’re progressing.

I planted one cherry pepper plant among some marigolds that are about to bloom.

The beets will be ready for harvest this week.  I’ve already bought one black cherry and two small red cherry tomato plants to replace the beets.  One sugar plum and two golden nugget tomato plants are already planted, staked, and covered with tiny yellow flowers.

I’ve tucked some parsley around the marigolds and plan to replace the last of the lettuce with basil in a few weeks.

Oh, and there are carrots and cucumbers, too!