I’m pretty sure that if I had an afternoon with nothing to do but sit in the grass and watch the garden I could actually see the vegetables growing.  There’s something new to pick every day:  warm, juicy golden nugget and small red cherry tomatoes, slender carrots, a few lingering English peas, handfuls of sweet sugar snaps, fat yellow onions, and all the parsley and basil I could possibly need (pesto, anyone?).

And there’s more to come:  two cucumber vines (the seed packet said “bush cucumber” but the plants are winding their way through the tomatoes and over the edge of the bed) and one zucchini plant have at least a dozen yellow blossoms between them, and the black cherry (my favorite) tomatoes are nearly full size but still maddeningly green.

"Bush" cucumber vines and sugar snap peas

Zucchini and black cherry tomatoes

And the perennials along the fence — at least those the resident bunny isn’t eating — are starting to bloom.

Rudbeckia "Indian summer," potentilla, scarlet lobelia about to bloom, and pineapple mint